Personal Finance Articles

Personal Finance Articles

College Planning:

A College Planning Quandary
A Prepaid Education
It’s Not Too Late
Making Sure Tuition is Covered
Sallie Mae Student Loans
The Fury of Financial Aid
The University of Ouch
Send Your Grandkids to College and Avoid the Tax Man


A Lasting Legacy
Avoiding Foreclosure
Business Insurance
Car Insurance Secrets
Car Rental Insurance
Credit Life Insurance
Dental Insurance
Disability Insurance
Divorce and Insurance
Do You Need Long Term Care Insurance?
Everyday Super Heroes Need Insurance Too
Fighting Healthcare Costs
Final Expense Insurance
Health Insurance
Health Savings Accounts
Homeowners Insurance
HSA Contribution Limits
Key Man Life Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance
Personal Liability Insurance
Life Insurance Settlement
Long-Term Care Insurance Offers More Choices
Major Medical Insurance
Medicaid Eligibility
Medicare Coverage Eligibility and Benefits
Medicare Part A
Medicare Part B
Medicare Part C
Medicare Part D
Nursing Home Costs Continue to Rise
Personal Property Insurance
Pet Health Insurance
Private Mortgage Insurance
Renters Insurance
Renters Insurance for Retirees
Short Term Health Insurance
Special Event Insurance
Supplemental Insurance
Term Life Insurance
Title Insurance
Travel Insurance
Types of Life Insurance Policies
Universal Life Insurance
What is Gap Insurance
When The Water Rises
Whole Life Insurance
Workers Compensation Insurance

Real Estate:

Adjustable Rate Mortgage
1031: An Even Exchange
Buyer Closing Costs
Debt to Income Ratio
Early Mortgage Payoff
Good Faith Estimate
First Time Home Buyer
Home Inspection
Home Staging Tips
Hope for Homeowners Program
Mortgage Loan Modification Programs
Mortgage Tax Deduction
Property Taxes
Switching Gears with Reverse Mortgage
Triple Net Lease
What is Amortization
What is APR
What is a Credit Line
What is a Deed of Trust
What is a FHA Loan
What is a FICO Score
What is a Lien
What is a HELOC
What is a Pre Foreclosure
What is a Prepayment Penalty
What is a Quit Claim Deed
What is a Short Sale
What is a Subprime Mortgage


Alternative Minimum Tax
Anti-Scam Tips for Surviving Spouses
Avoiding Bankruptcy
Business Structures
Business Types of Ownership
Buy Sell Agreement
Car Financing Tips
Community Property
Comprehensive Risk Management for Executives
Conquering Your Financial Fears
Consumer Price Index (CPI)
Cost of Caregiving
Credit Card Debt Reduction
Credit Repair
Credit Score Range
Dividing Assets In A Divorce
Emergency Fund
Evaluating Buy-Out Packages
Family Budget
Finances for Surviving Spouses
Financial Tables For One
Financial Confidence For Facing Divorce
Free Credit Report
Gift Cards
Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
How to Avoid a Tax Audit
How to Get Out of Debt
How to Write a Business Plan
Improve Your Credit Score
Inflation vs Deflation
Inheriting A 401k
Joint Ownership
Joint Tenancy
Leasing vs Buying a Car
Limited Partnership
Preparing for Widowhood
Preventing Identity Theft
Protecting Intellectual Property
R&D Tax Credit
Round Up Your Financial Reports
Calculating The Kiddie Tax
Saving Money Tips
Selling Restricted and Insider Stock
Succession Planning
Tax Shelter
Tenants in Common
Unclaimed Money
Unemployment Rate
What is an Entrepreneur
What is a Good Credit Score
What is Depreciation

Estate Planning:

Avoiding Probate
Control Your Legacy with a Private Foundation
Estate Planning: An Intro to your Legacy
Estate Planning: Before you Begin
Estate Planning: Ensuring Your Legacy
Estate Planning: Having Faith in your Legacy
Estate Planning: Honoring your Wishes
Estate Planning: Supporting a Noble Cause
Estate Planning: The Gift that Keeps on Giving
Estate Planning: The Key Ingredient
How Long Will Your Legacy Last?
Leaving Behind the Wealth of Life
Leaving Your 401k to a Charity
Letters of Instruction
Revocable vs. Irrevocable Trusts
What is a Beneficiary
What is a Trust Fund


Annuities Explained
A Safe Place to Grow Your Money (EIA)
A Small Cap Opportunity?
ETF: An Attractive Alternative?
An Exciting Bond?
An Indicator of Stability?
Are REITS Right for Your Portfolio?
Blue Chip Stocks
Bond Prices and Interest Rates
Buy and Hold Strategy
Choosing the Right Capitalization
Credit Default Swaps
Elliott Wave Theory
Equity Indexed Annuities
Expense Ratio
FDIC Insurance
Financial Ratios
Fixed Annuity
Fixed Income Securities
Fixed Rate Bonds
Going Global
How to Invest Your Money Wisely
Immediate Annuity
In the Zone
Investing in Closed End Funds
Investing in Gold
Investing in Silver
Investment Grade Bonds
Junk Bonds
Level-Headed or Lazy?
Life Annuity
Money Market Savings Account
More Light is Shed On Mutual Funds
Middle of the Road
Net Asset Value
No Load Mutual Funds
Offshore Banking Pros and Cons
Preferred Stock
Private Placement
Riding the Storms Out
Same Store Sales
Selling Short
Socially Responsible Investing
Stock Market Crash of 1929
Stock Options Basics
Stop Limit Order
Treasury Inflation Protected Securities
US Savings Bonds
Variable Annuity
What are Derivatives
What are Dividends
What is an Annuity?
What is a Hedge Fund
What is a Margin Call
What is a Mutual Fund
What is a Call Option?
What are Penny Stocks
What is a CD?
What is a Put Option?
When Good Markets Go Bad

Retirement Planning:

A Helping Hand
An Essential Retirement Tool (IRA)
Annuities As A Personal Pension
Calculating your Post-retirement Income, Post-haste
Communicating with a Financial Professional
SSI: Collect Later, Collect More
401k Hardship Withdrawal
401k Loan
401k Rules
401k Withdrawal – Having Access to your Future
412(i) Plans
Impact of Health Care on Retirement
Income Distribution
IRA Deduction
IRA Rollover Rules
IRA Rules
Keeping Retirement in your Sights
Keep On Rollin’
Keogh Plan Rules
Stock Options: Know When To Hold ‘Em
Lump Sum Distributions
Matchmaker 401(k)
Ask Your Employer: New Retirement Plan
Pension Protection Act
Protecting Your Nest Egg
Stick To The Plan
Required Minimum Distribution – RMD
Required Minimum IRA Distribution
Retirement Plan Overload
Retirement Redefined
401k Rollover Options
401k Rollover Rules
Roth IRA Rules
2010 Roth IRA Conversion
401k Rollover – Sit. Stay. Rollover.
The First Step Before Withdrawal
The Great Turnaround
Roth 401k: The Newest Savings Opportunity
Simple IRA Rules
Solo 401k Plan
The Spread of Stock Options
Stretch IRA
The Wobbly Stool
Too Much Concentration
Too Much of a Good Thing?
What is an IRA?
What is a 401k?
What is a 403b?
3 Major Retirement Hazards to Avoid
401(k) Distribution Dilemmas